18 April 2016

Freshmen Orientation ( day ) Camp

Fun Fact : Dreamt that my sister and I was kidnapped. When we managed to escape and return back to my grandmother's house, we discovered that the house was implanted with bombs! I think it was influenced by the drama called ' Descendants of the sun ', hence the crazy dream.

Hola Amigos! I signed up for the Freshmen Orientation ( FO ) camp ages ago. It was a 3 days camp and I had fun but it would be much better if me and my friends were in the same group.

So it has 4 empires ( Tahvo, Aeton, Zyeus, Leoux ), and I was in Zyeus but my friend was in Tahvo ( no idea what does that mean but we'll go with it ). On the first day, we get to introduce ourselves and make friends. Well... I can tell you that I did not make any friends whom I will talk to in the future ( maybe 2 ), you get what I mean? It's like " we will be strangers after this camp " kind of thing. The first day of  FO was the most tiring day, because we had to run, cheer and shout, play games, on top of that I didn't drink much fluid( at most one bottle per day ). I feel that, in the future, they should allow us to bring our bags along while we venture around the school, instead of putting our bags in a designated area. I know they are being thoughtful so that we do not have to carry our heavy bags around, but not everyone is comfortable asking things from others or drinking from the same bottle. Anyways I got to meet a lot of friendly group leaders, and I would like to highlight one... Her name is Luna ( that's what everyone calls her ), she's actually a blogger and she posts poems. I got to talk to her( before I found out that she is a blogger ), she is very unique, funny and bubbly, but her blog posts are very deep ( which I think is how she felt beneath her bubbly personality ).

On the second day, we got to play more games, ate lunch together, went out of school and the Group Leaders gave us a tour around the neighbourhood and shared places that sells the best food/drinks.

The last day of camp quickly came by. In my opinion, that day was the best day because we got to play water activities. The day before, our Group Leaders told us to bring an extra set of clothes, I was considering if I should bring an extra pair of shoes and till today, I still regret not bringing it because we all got soaking wet at the end of the water activities. Water hose, soaps, pails, cups, canvas, pools were involved... I got injured while I was sliding down the slope, but I didn't tell anyone until the camp ended I then told my mother and my friend.
Anyways, it goes like this, it was finally my turn to slide down. As I was laying on the ground ( back facing up ), I think I landed too hard and I heard my poor right shoulder go "pop" and I suddenly felt like I lost all my strength on my right arm. When I finally finished sliding down, my spine felt weird but it's fine afterwards. However, with my injured right shoulder, I managed to survived throughout the entire camp and went home. I searched up on the Internet on what happened to my shoulder/arm and found out that I had strained my muscle while playing the water activity ( luckily it has healed already, took me a couple of days ). To be honest, I was not enjoying every moment of the water activities because the water kept going into my eyes and I was wearing contact lenses OMG! I kept my eyes closed while some of them was spraying/splashing water at us. Thankfully, this  kind Group Leader called Ashley lent, me her one and only sunglasses ( it didn't stop all the water from getting into my eyes but it's way better than not having the sunglasses at all ).

We got to cheer together as an empire for the last time and the Group Leaders prepared a goodbye gift for us. Afterwards, I managed to take a few pictures with some of them and I went home with my wet shoes ( YUCKKK! ).

It was a long and tiring 3 days but I had fun, especially when all 4 empires dance and get crazy to the music that was played ( as if we were transported to someone's party ).

That's all!

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