31 May 2016


P.S. : oppsie daisy... I couldn't even remember when was the last time I updated my blog.

I know this picture has got nothing to do with school, but this picture is taken during my field trip. :)

It has been a month since the first day of school and I have been trying to adapt into the new environment. I feel that we have to learn to be independent, because we are required to visit the school's website frequently to :
1. Print your own notes for lectures
2. Keep yourself updated on the announcements made
3. Check for new quizzes/tests

New school means new friends, new daily routines, new bedtime, new timetable. On top of that, we have all the things that the school made us do and the expectations from our teachers... My senior once told me : ' people who say Polytechnic life is fun, they are actually lying to you. '. ( well... Oh crap! ). 

Recently, I had to visit the town for a field trip and we were required to take pictures for an assignment for a subject. Of course I didn't missed a chance to take pictures for my Instagram.

There is also another task that require us to take a selfie of a drink that was assigned to us and I honestly thought that I was promoting for the product during the ' camwhore ' session.

I also have been thinking/reflecting a lot recently, be it years ago, weeks ago, and I feel that it made me super moody lately. It's like I don't even know why am I feeling that way. On top of that, I've becoming to hate school, I just feel that I don't feel happy in school which I do not understand why because I made new friends and all of them are interesting. But it's okay... I will try hard and find reasons to enjoy/love school more. Positive vibe! 

It's a short post but at least a short post is better than no post. Are you having a moody week like me or are you having a time of your life? Do comment below your answer ;)

That's all!

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