14 June 2016

Great Singapore Sales Haul

Fun Fact: Guess what??? I am going to Penang, Malaysia SOON! When I say soon, I mean in a few days time... I cannot contain my excitement for this trip ( not that I am good at containing excitement anyways ) but it has been a year since I last travelled. Ohhh and also, I'm having a 2 weeks school break which I am super duper happy about because I finally can chill a little bit. However I still have to return back to school for project meetings which my mother commented ' What's the point of having the break when you have to return back to school . ' and I totally agree with her.

Fun Fact 2: I am currently in my school's library, siting on the floor, at one corner ( because apparently there is only one available socket left ) and a couple in front of me is taking a selfie of them kissing and then I am sitting here, typing like ' whattt?! ' and rolled my eyes at them. The couple should stop. I am that kind of people who complains to my friend about couple showing Public Display Affections ( PDAs ), mainly because I am single ( hah. ) but I also feel uncomfortable seeing couples kissing in front of me. Am I the only one who does that? do comment if you do too!

A few days ago, I went to the town for a shopping spree with my aunt hence this mini clothing haul. Spent a total of SGD $54 and it is totally worth it because I love every piece of clothing purchased.

Cotton On was ( or rather, currently is ) having a 50% discount sale and of course I had to visit the store and I came out with a pair of sandals for $5 and a pair of loose printed pants for $10 ( if I remembered correctly ).

I really like these because both gives off a beach-y, casual and comfortable feel. And I were to wear them together....

I can pair it with a basic top and ready to hit the beach! Also, the material of the pants is very thin and comfortable which makes it a suitable clothing for a tropical climate like Malaysia. ( these are so gonna be in my luggage ).

Next I went to Forever 21 to pick up a few basic clothing.

Got myself 2 pairs of black legging for $14 ( if I am not wrong ). You can totally see how much I care about the price when I buy things.

A pair of black jeans for $15... I already have a pair of blue colored jeans from Forever 21 and I really like it so I have to buy it again ( but in another color ).

Picked up 2 camisoles for $10 ( 1 for $7 ).

Actually you can kind of see a pattern in the things I bought that day... I am currently into casual, basic and monochrome type of ' fashion ' ( I guess ).

Lesson learnt: Do not go shopping after you finished any project meetings because laptops are pure hindrance, an absolute burden! It is so friggin heavy and I still have to carry it everywhere I go.

Well these were the things I bought... However, I am not quite done with shopping yet so you can anticipate another haul ( but I hope I still have time to shop during the break ).


That's all!

I just saw the boyfriend kissing the girl again. MY EYES! Staphhhhh!
They should keep their hands to themselves.

Okay, this time I am really going to sign off...


bless my eyes...

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