15 July 2016

Dory Inspired

Fun Fact : I just had a 10 hour sleep and I look and feel very happy :D. Maybe because I had been sleeping at 4+am for the past few days ( CONSECUTIVELY ) and have to wake up early for school. Now that my report is submitted, I have more time to sleep now! ( YAY! ). Since I have a little free time, I decided to do a quick post.

Fun Fact : The submission dates for each report and tests are killing me :( . There will be a test on Wednesday and Saturday ( of all days, why must there be a test on the weekends? ), submission for report on the following Wednesday and so on! Anyways, I should get started (  because I need to study for my tests on Wednesday )... 

Hey hey hey! Have you watched the movie Finding Dory? Yes? No? If you have not, you should definitely watch it! The movie was fun, adventurous and lighthearted and Dory was such a cutie cutie pie when she was little! Since I loved the movie so much and I love playing with makeup, therefore I decided to create a look inspired from Dory.
BABY DORY MAKES MY HEART SQUISHY ( see what I did there? ). 
source: http://www.theloop.ca/tag/baby-dory/

This is something I've never tried before. Basically, I did my base makeup, brows and completed one eye beforehand. Then I will show you how I did the eye makeup with the other eye.

Dory has a color combination of blue, yellow and black so I will be using those colors for my eye(lid).

The word ' browbone ' is embossed on the shadow and I obviously did not follow the instruction.

I started off by applying yellow eye shadow all over my lid and my inner corner ( which you can barely see it in the picture ). The shadow was really sheer but after I sprayed the applicator with my face mist, it became a tad bit obvious ( in real life ).

Took the blue coloured shadow from the palette, tapped off the excess and lightly applied on the outer corner of me eyes. Blendy blendy blendy... 
The thing for this step is:
1. Make sure the blue shadow is light but visible
2. The blue shadow on the lid somehow look like a winged eyeliner.

After I did that, I took a small angled brush and lined me eyes and finished it off with a flick. 

I repeated what I did for the blue eye shadow with the navy blue one. ( make sure to apply some of the blue eye shadow on the lower lash line! )

Afterwards, I lined my eye with a black eyeliner and finished it with a flick. Then applied mascara.

Finished the entire look with a coral tinted lip balm and a little blush on the apples of my cheek.

Styled my hair a little bit to make me look somewhat presentable.

LOOK! Even my nails are blue in color. Ohhhh! My wall is painted in blue too!

That's all for now! Gotta study for my test after this :/

All the tests and projects got me like...

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