12 August 2016


Fun Fact #1 : I had been wanting to do this post/make up look for the LONGEST TIME and I finally get to do it ( despite the fact that I had to study an hour ago ).

This look is inspired by baby faces and dolls actually, because we always want to look young and not older than our age, so I went online to search up pictures to create this look.

First things first ( I'm the realest ), some powder all over the face and a little concealer for the blemishes.

Then I combed me brows, filled in them ( very very very lightly ) using a brow pencil and finally brushed them using the browcara.

I will be using these eye shadow palette and duo.

#1: pink " brow bone " all over the lid and drag it down to the lower lash line and inner corners
#2: pink " eyelid " on the crease
#3: applied pink " crease " on top of  " eyelid ", creating a v shape ( on lid )
#4: applied taupe brown on top of " crease " ( including the v shape )
#5: lightly dusted all the eye shadows used on the lower half of the eye
#6: took the brown eye shadow ( from duo ) to contour nose
#7: lashes curled and applied eyeliner ( winged it down )
#8: mascara ( on both upper and lower lashes )
#9: pink " brow bone " + " eyelid " on highest part of cheek bones and bring it up to temples
#10: focused pink " crease " on the area nearer to ears
#11: applied pink " brow bone " on chin, cupid's bow, tip of nose and center of forehead
#12: dabbed hot pink lip gloss on inner part of lips and blended it out with fingers ( gradient lip )





End look....

Just like making Youtube videos, taking pictures for blog also have bloopers moment...
I had toe cramp while applying makeup and my face above shows how drawing eyeliners make me feel. I swear drawing a perfect eyeliner is so damn difficult!

Me trying to show off my new shirt... I really like the iron-on patches. 

Fun fact #2: I can't wink... And I was trying to wink attractively but failed badly and looked like sand had went into my eye.

So I recently started watching this korean drama called " W - two worlds " ( even though I should be studying instead ), and the main actor is called " Lee Jong Suk ". If you Google his name and went to the ' images ' page, you can find him posing while covering his eye. So this is me trying to copy him, there is a huge difference and I look so stupid...

Fun fact #3: I really really really like that guy! 
Fun fact #4: I figured that pink is the colour to make people look younger ( at least for me it does ).

Probably gonna study after this, and I highly recommend the korean drama mentioned earlier. Though the drama is still on-going, but it is already in my " must watch before you die " list ( this shows how much I love the drama )

You know sometimes, you wanted to watch a movie with your friend but he/she has already done it with someone else...

That's all for now!
- W   Xxx

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