9 August 2016

Midnight Rant

Fun Fact #1: This blog post was inspired from Aiko ( check out her blog here ).
Fun Fact #2: It is definitely not midnight when I am typing this, in fact the sun has not even set yet, but I titled this as ' Midnight Rant ' because many thoughts ran to our mind during midnight right? it least for me it does.

1. I spent too much money for the past 2 months
Mainly on clothes and makeup ( they are my guilty pleasure). " Shop therapy " is my way of de-stressing ( bought so much that I could do a haul on them ).

2. July was the craziest month
Reports, presentation, projects, homework. The datelines to all these seem endless! Who would do that to us?! I had spent sleepless nights trying to perfect my work and submit on time. ( I wonder how much I aged due to school work ).

3. Pimples on my face
It is everywhere! A few on my chin, cheeks, temples... So gonna to spam my pimple cream on my face tonight.

4. I've already came up with a few blog posts ideas but never started working on it

5. Because I have no time!
My life has become so crazy since school has started ( months ago ), I just want to have a chill, empty to-do list day where I can read a book and/or watch korean dramas.

6. School drama
Not the school club, but the actual school drama. So tired of it, so tired of school, so tired of projects. No more please! ( P.S. one word to describe my teacher: poop, period. )

7. Pokemon Go released in Singapore a few days ago
Pokemon Go is a thing globally, I downloaded it in my phone and played it to find out why is it a thing. Till today, I still have no idea why is it a thing... Not that I am against it but it drains my phone battery and takes up my data way too quickly.

8. I gained weight
Not that I actually weigh myself, but I can feel myself gaining weight ( you understand what I am saying? It's just that I ate too much that I can feel myself gaining weight ). To make things worst, I had korean BBQ yesterday and ate non-stop for 2 hours - now that I think back, that was really crazy! What am I?!

9. I want to buy more things for myself
Kind of contradicting myself ( in point 1 ). Even though I spent a lot of money on them but I don't put on much makeup to school ( how ironic ) - some brow pencil and browcara, ( sometimes ) with pink eye shadow, ( or ) tinted lip balm, ( or ) mascara. One quick question: is there really 'enough' clothes and cosmetics for girls?

10. Positive vibe!
With school work, drama and all, I need to maintain POSITIVE VIBE! What's the key word? ( POSITIVE VIBE ). One last time ( POSITIVE VIBE! ).

That's all!
-W   Xxx

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  1. Loved this post! Thank you for mentioning me and the positive vibes are DEFINITELY needed right now! x