27 September 2016

Collective Beauty Haul

" Hello Everybody! "
Guess what? I'm actually on Youtube, listening to all the opening theme songs of the cartoons I watched during my childhood days. Lemme tell you, I love-hate those songs because it made me feel so nostalgic but old at the same time...
' we're the doddlebops, we're the doddlebops, we're the doodlebops oh yeah! '

Am I the only one that listens to songs from my childhood? For example; Ne-yo, Shontelle. Ooooo got a little distracted, trying to recollect the memories that are at the back of my head. Anyways, I have been such a shopaholic recently and I am not proud of that because I am losing money 2 times quicker than during my school days ( I am having school holidays now- I think I mentioned that in my previous post ). Since I bought quite a number of things during the past few weeks or month (??), I though it would be right to do a haul :)

Just a little rant: Thinking of a layout for the pictures took more time than editing the pictures itself ( no kidding ).OH.MY.GOD I just realised the text for the last picture disappeared and now I have to redo it again.*sigh*. Time check: 12:34 am. I need to wake up earlier ( than my usual wake-up time ), and I have yet plan my outfit for tomorrow. OHNOOO!

Alright here it is...

Note to self: I really need to stop spending money everytime I enter a store or else I am going to get into trouble ( meaning- the amount of money in my bank ).

That's all...

-     W

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