3 September 2016

Midnight Thoughts

" Hello welcome! " ( quoting from Lily from 'Beauty Break' from Clevvertv ).

Fun fact: I really like the show ' Beauty Break ' and I probably like Joslyn Davis most because she is really random and I like the ways she say ' Ooooo '. ( you'll understand what am I talking about when you watched the videos, if you haven't already ).

Anyways, this blog post is pretty much typing out my thoughts lately and a little update about my life, which can potentially become a very boring -slash- uninteresting -slash- lame, kinda thing. But at the same time, it's not like my previous blog posts are interesting anyways... but I will still do it.

The word " best friend " is a scary word to me, which may seem weird to you, people who are reading this, but I feel that I do not have a " best friend " that I am certain would last. Probably because of what had or has happened to me previously? I don't know... I feel that every time I labelled my closest friend as " best friend " somehow we would eventually drift away so I always label my closest friend as " my closet friend " ( you know what I mean? ). I used to have this friend whom I met since Kindergarten 2, which I was about 6 years old, and we have/had been the closest friends for 6 years! which means she basically revolved around my childhood and you can say that we were childhood best friends.
But things changed when we graduate and entered different schools. The time we spent together, talking, texting, hanging out slowly reduced and eventually ceased, which is very sad. Well... she basically exist in my world for almost half of my life, is this how you phrase it? half... half of my..... ........... *thinking really hard right now* half of my something ( you get what I mean ). As I was saying, we stopped talking but somehow we enrolled in the same school, after 4 years, meaning we graduated from our previous school. I met her in school a few weeks ago and honestly I really missed her being in my life! But things changed she got her friends and I got no friends. JUST KIDDING! maybe a few, one is called Ted, another one called Macaroon, and Doggie and Rainbow and they are all essentially plushies. -if only I can insert the moon face emoji here- I sounded really creepy right now, great. That is basically it for the first portion of ' Midnight Thoughts '.

Next, OHMYGODGUYS... I ordered a handful of cosmetics online ( via Shopee ) and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Eeeekkk! On the other end of the spectrum, I am a little... screw it, my heart broke when I made payments but the damage is done. *clutching my chest and consoling myself that ' it's okay... it's okay' *. My heart broke like how I am right now, 'broke' and the amount in my bank is like my grades, terribly shocking. Anyways, just updating what's going on...

Oh!!! And I finished this book called ' All The Bright Places ' by Jennifer Niven and I was friggin " shooked " ( reference from BretmanRock ). When I completed the book, I literally stayed at whatever position I was and reflect on what happened in the book, the ending and reflect on life. Though is has been a day since I finished reading the book, but I am still clearly not over it because EMOTIONS! Like what even?! That book is probably the #deep-est book I've ever read in my entire life. With that being said, there are people who are not happy with the book for various reasons... hmmm. By the way, if you are interested, the books is basically about Violet and Finch and they met on the school's bell tower because they both wanted to jump aka commit suicide. Finch wanted to jump because already he wanted to do that since day one but some how something good happens to him and stops him. He is very fascinated by death and is very knowledgeable about statistics on death rates and stuff. On the other hand, the reason why Violet wanted to to so is because she was mourning about her late sister who unfortunately passed away in a car accident. Eventually Finch and Violet became friends, partners for a school project and much more. You gotta read to find out!
Surprisingly, I kind of understand why Finch is like that, because the author is very descriptive and allowed me to understand both perspectives. If I have a chance to meet Finch in real life, I would want to hug him and shower him with love. On a side note, that book is featured in Zoella's book club and this only means that the book is fantastic because Zoe is fantastic and everything about her is fantastic. If you don't know already, I am a HUGE fan of her. But the book is really good, I like it, a lot.

Do leave a comment if you read the book or not :)

Well I have no pictures for this post :(
That's all...

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