14 September 2016

Wardrobe Essentials For School

" Hey-ho! ". 
Fun fact: It's 2:03am right now, probably should go to bed but I still working on this blog post. I AM SOOOO TIRED! Fingers cross for error/typo free.

I am currently in the midst of school holidays so I decided to come up with a list of wardrobe essentials, hoping that this would be easier for the readers to come up with outfits for school. I tend to reach out to all these pieces a lot A LOT, so they are my OOTD staples for school.

On the side note, I put in a lot of effort in getting 'em shots, editing it and making them into a collage ( as shown below ). Good job myself, A for effort!

 I should stop typing and get onto the list now.

These are my go-to accessories and make up.  Basically I draw my brows and curl my lashes everyday, and depending on the given time left to get ready, I sometimes put on mascara and/or lip make up. For the I-am-lazy-but-still-wanna-look-presentable look, cap+choker necklace+brows+outfit, and I am ready to go. Ohhh... I also plan my outfit for the week on every weekend, because I spend way too much time deciding what to wear. Hence I plan my outfits beforehand to reduce the chance of getting myself late for school.

This is a list of numbers on the clothing (from the outfits) and where I got them from respectively.
#1: Green Bomber Jacket - Ezbuy ( Taobao )
#2: Dark Grey Camisole - Forever21
#3: Patterned Pyjama Pants - Cotton On Body
#4: Striped Shirt - my cousin bought it from Korea as a gift
#5: Grey Jacket - FOX kids
#6: Black Plain Short - got it from a local flea market
#7: Floral Overall - Cotton On
#8: Stripe Cropped Shirt - bought it from Taiwan
#9: Belt - Ezbuy (Taobao )

To sum up everthing, I got most of my clothing from either Ezbuy ( Taobao ) or Cotton On, which may sound as if I am promoting their brand but I am not. In fact, I really like Ezbuy. Ezbuy is essentially an agent for customers to purchase from Taobao and prevent any scams or things like that. The items available are endless and very VERY affordable. I swear all my money will be gone because of Ezbuy the reason is because everytime I purchase something from them, I would spend more than $100 solely on clothes #storyofmylife .

Fun fact #2: I started using Dayre a week ago and it is very similar to blogging but the functions are different. I've been updating my Dayre page everyday and have 0 followers #noshamehere . If you want to check it out ( LINK HERE ) however do note that there will be Singlish here and there.

3:07am: Time To Sleep! Goodnights :)

That's all...

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