28 October 2016

3 Youtubers to be for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner everybody! So I thought it would only be right to share some ideas for those who are still struggling to decide who or what to dress up as this year.

Doesn't the picture (above) look like the poster for ' Haters Back Off '?

As you probably could tell, with the whole red lipstick sittuation going on,
#1: Miranda Sings
" WHAT?! Are you kidding me? "

Things you'll need:
Red Lipstick
Black Eyeliner Pencil
Bobby Pins
Oversized Button Down Shirt

After getting all the things needed, go ahead and start parting your hair into half and pin it. Overdraw your lips with a red lipstick, tightline your eyes with the black eyeliner and put on the outfit that Miranda always wears.

The next iconic Youtuber is none other than Lilly Singh. Look #2 is not exactly her BUT her 'parents', more specifically her 'father'. She plays the characters of her parents and I really liked them so why not dress up as either of them.
#2: Manjeet Singh
" hello "

Things you'll need:
Black Eyeshadow
Oversized Striped Polo Shirt

I don't have a wig with me, so I kind of photoshop/edit/added a 'wig' into the picture. Don't forget about the chest hair, Lilly always draw them on with a makeup brush but I just used my fingers 'cause why not. To be honest, I didn't go all out to change into the outfits and wore the same (Big Bird) shirt for the entire post, but all of the outfits are most probably already in your closet or easy to get hold of.

I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE Zoella, if you don't know that already. I really do admire her like she is so good at everything! Singing, baking etc etc... If Beyonce is queen, then Zoe is the princess, a princess with weird personality. So what is stopping you from dressing up at Zoe?
#3: Zoe Sugg

Things you'll need:
Liquid Eyeliner
Red Lipstick
Peter Pan Collar shirt/dress
Black Tights
Digital Camera for Vlogging(optional) 

Fun fact: I did the make up digitally, meaning I used an app for this look because my face was a little raw from removing and applying make up. But I think it turned out well, and the make up is definitely much better than my make up skills.

I promised myself to publish this before going to Halloween Horror Night (HHN) and I mentioned about HHN on my previous blog post ( LINK HERE ). I also did an Egyptian Makeup Look on my previous blog post if you have not checked it out already, Lastly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! whoop whoop...

-    W

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