12 October 2016

Baking Dog Treats

" Well hello!
I did some baking with my aunt few days ago. It was our first time baking solely for pets, specifically for dogs. We tried 2 different recipes for my cousin's dog, Coco, to have more choices as opposed to having one type of treat. Surprisingly, I didn't expect making these treat would be SOOO DAMN EASY , like come on even my 10 year old brother could make these. 

The first recipe we tried was the Peanut Butter Oatmeal one and it literally has 6 ingredients, but left out one because we didn't have it. ( LINK to the recipe )

 Look at her enjoying the treat! Do take note that the recipe only makes 6-9 servings, so you may want to double up the ingredients if you want to make more than that.

The next recipe tested requires more ingredients but is as easy as the previous one. We made A LOT of them because we used small cookie cutters, you may want to try a bigger size one to shave off some time 'cutting' the dough into shapes. Well... I will not leave the link to the recipe we used here because Coco REFUSES, I repeat, R-E-F-U-S-E-S to eat this treat ( and I also cannot find the recipe anywhere but that is another story ). It's a pity because the one Coco prefers is so much lesser ( in quantity ) than the one Coco refuses to eat. I mean there are 2 bottle containers of recipe #2 that is probably going to be uneaten for the entire year. But how cute this treat look as compared to recipe #1 ( picture below ).

If you are imagining how does dog treats tastes like, do not fret because I tried the 2 treats, and both tastes HORRIBLE to me. No taste at all. Despite them being peanut butter treats, I still cannot taste it in any of them. Funnily enough, even though both tastes horrible, I still prefer recipe #2 but why does Coco refuses to eat it?! She doesn't even want look at it. HAHAHAHA! oh well...

By the way, if you followed my blog for quite some time, you might already discovered that I changed the banner and beautify the website significantly. I spent the entire day figuring out and editing and designing to achieve this layout that I am satisfied with. Do you like it? Or do you prefer the previous one? Though I am not done 'beautifying' the layout yet but I am pretty impressed with myself *pats myself on the shoulder*.

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