31 October 2016

Halloween Horror Night + Staycation

🎃!!Happy Halloween!! 🎃

I visited USS for Halloween Horror Night 6 and stayed at a hotel the following day and it was quite an experience so it is only right to share my weekend with you guys. To be completely honest, I think this is one of the few weekends by far, that is the most eventful as compared to other weekends I had this year. And I can already foresee that this is going to be picture heavy, but it will also save me helluva time and effort from typing chunks and chunks of description and also your eyes from concentrating on the screen for too long ( 'cause we all know that feeling when you spend too much time on your phone or behind the computer🌚).

They are not the best pictures in the world because it was dark and the lighting was alittle off and my photography skills is not up there, so please pardon them...
Even the skeleton doesn't want to hold my hand or be my bae no wonder I am single Aye-Eff.

The following lists is probably what you wished you have with you, if you are visiting HHN next year...
Water ( LOTS )
Portable Fan
Light Clothing
Candies ( to keep you awake )
Comfortable Shoes

As mentioned earlier, I went to stay overnight at a hotel the following day. The purpose for this stay-cay was to celebrate my grandmother's and cousin's birthday (🎂) and I had a lot of fun time together with my family.
Breakfast with Grandma 👵

So that was kind of like ' weekend-in-a-post ' like of thang going on and I really did enjoyed myself. I wished I could have more similar weekends soon because it's been a week of school and I am already so done with it 😷

By the way if you are wondering, I am not sponsored or anything. But if any hotels wanted to do so, I am more than happy to accept it (just saying🌚).

-    W

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