29 November 2016

Black Friday Haul'16

" Hi! Nice to meet you. How are you? " *virtually shaking hands*

A few days ago, I went shopping with my friends. I didn't even realised that it was Black Friday at that moment until I reached home at night. I got all the dates confused and I thought Black Friday was on 31st, so I went shopping for the sake of shopping and not because of Black Friday. Nevertheless, I still bought a few pieces on Black Friday, so technically I could label this as a Black Friday Haul right? I gotta say though, the queue at Sephora was so crazy that I didn't even want to step inside. I could still remember asking myself, why was there 20% storewide sales at Sephora 😂. 

But before getting into the haul, I had to include the picture below. That's what I was wearing while trying on the things I bought. I basically wear them over because I was too lazy to change. Can you actually relate to this? Or am I the only one that does this 😅🤔. #lazygirlproblems
What a sight to begin with... 
Also, for once my legs looked skinny, but I know very well that my thighs are not like that in real life.

The first place I visited was Daiso because we are planning to go to my friend's house to celebrate Christmas together, hence we wanted to buy some Christmas decorations🎄.

So everyone ended up buying one Christmas accessory and I got the Reindeer's antlers with bells on it! I really like it! The mini bells rings every time I moved my head, which constantly reminds me that Christmas is approaching🎉. Yaysies
Damage💸: $2

Ohh by the way, the price tags are still intact, because I wanted to show that I have not used them and I am very committed to this haul, but I removed them soon after I finished taking the pictures. Another thing that I want to say is: I am planning to do a Blogmas, which essentially means that I will be blogging everyday consecutively ( regardless if it is Christmas related or not ) until the 24th of December. So do keep a look out for new posts👍. This is going to be my first time doing a Blogmas, so I am a little nervous/uneasy and excited about it.

Okay okay... Enough of me typing, let's continue the haul.

Next stop: H&M.
Me and my friend were like legit mad women, trying to shove everything that looked cute/nice on the rack, into a shopping bag. But eventually, we eliminated some items before entering the fitting room.

The first thing I took from the rack was this jumper/sweater. I love the prints on it and they remind me of the iron-on patches which I like. And I can totally see myself wearing this on rainy days😁. LOVE IT~
Damage💸: $17.90

Then I saw this grey shirt ( with knitted sweater kind of material ) hiding at a corner amongst racks of other apparels. There was only a few left and luckily they still have it in my size. Surprisingly this shirt costs more than the sweater. I mean what's the logic behind it? The sweater has more fabric than this shirt, shouldn't the price be the other way round? Nonetheless, I still purchase this because I LOVE it 💕.
Damage💸: $19.90

The reason why I bought this item was because me and my friends has this inside joke regarding to underwears. So we just bought it and planned to give this ( as a gift ) to the upcoming birthday girl, as a joke. It comes in a pack of 3 and has Wonder Woman prints on them😂.
Damage💸: $17.90 ( one underwear for approximately $6, it's a little expensive😅 )

After I went to the fitting room, I had to sit down on a chair in the store for 15 minutes because I was trying to make the decision whether should I buy this shirt ( picture below ) or the festive necklace. But in the end, I returned the necklace back to its position and kept the shirt with me. So yeahh... That was the background story of this shirt.
Damage💸: $12

Total Damage Done: $69.70 *chi-ching*

That is all I got for Black Friday and I love love loooooove all the items I purchased. See you again on Blogmas!

I was about to end here, but because I'm extra so I thought why not end off with a catchphrase from James White.

" Very cool👍🏻, very handsome👍🏻, very nice👍🏻, very swag👍🏻, I like it✌🏻️" .

-    W

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