22 November 2016

Ezbuy ( Taobao ) Haul #1

Hi! How are you? I'm fine thank you... 🌚 

Did some online shopping and received them probably up to two months ago. I didn't get to publish this sooner 'cause I was getting into the Halloween shebang. It's weird and kind of inappropriate to put up a haul post that has nothing to do with Halloween when everyone is in the festive spirit, so I waited till Halloween is over. 

Basically, I did some online shopping through Ezbuy ( surprise surprise ). For the past 2 months I went into online shopping frenzy. aka purchasing items online every now and then. In fact, I made a purchase for every free agent fee/free shipping fee, so I had been collecting different batches of parcels non-stop. I gotta admit though, that was probably my happiest days for the past month or 2.

Since I received so many parcels/item so I thought why not blog about what I got, hence batch #1 haul.
My favorite shot in this entire post 💕

Kitten socks for mua-self 'cause I keep having the issue of missing socks. 
Do you face that issue too? Or was it just me?🤔

So pretty right?! 😍 
Reindeer ear cuffs ( but it's too loose for me 😅 ).

I was scrolling through the pictures and found out that majority of the clothing item I bought is either, black, white or stripe. Ooopss...😬

So that was everything I bought, for batch #1...

-     W

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