1 December 2016

Blogmas Day 1: Crazy Shopping Spree + Mini Haul

" Hello everyoneee~ "👋🏻

Today marks the first day of December🎄,which means it's the start of Blogmas'2k16! I am a little worried though, because my exams are in 3 weeks time so I'm afraid that I cannot manage both Blogmas as well as my studies. Nevertheless, welcome to Blogmas Day 1.

Since 1st December falls on Thursdays, so I have to wake up for school and got ready as usual. 
Today, I missed 2 buses to get to school, and I always seem to face the same situation EVERY Thursday! I don't know why 😟. Maybe... Thursday is just my unlucky day.

Anyways, I was surprisingly not late for lesson.

After school, my friend and I decided to hit the mall and have MOS Burger for lunch. I ordered the Wagyu Burger Demi-glace with Cheese and a packet of Large Fries, and the burger was soooooooo good👍🏻.

Visited Toys"R"Us to hunt for birthday presents but we exit empty handed.

Went to Mini Toons, The Paper Stone and then H&M ( I know I know! "Again?!" ).

The Paper Stone is currently having a 50% off moving out sale store wide ( At Tampines Mall ) and of course I couldn't missed the opportunity to get my hands on those stationeries.

H&M is having sales too so....

I had planned to visit my grandmother after my shopping spree, but we finally finished with our shopping frenzy at around 4:30 pm, hence I didn't do so.

We kept reminding each other that we spent too much today but in the end we still went to the cinema and bought movie tickets for 2 different movies😅.

<<Up next: Mini Haul.>>

Since I bought quite a number of things, so I thought why not do a haul on it.

Do you still remember my previous post on Black Friday Haul?( blog post here ). Well if you don't, I bought a pack of 3 underwears for my friend's upcoming birthday, and today we went to get 1 more gift for her because we felt that 1 is not enough. Since she likes cute/cartoon-y stuffs, so I bought a pouch with kissy emoji prints on it.
Of course my gift will not end here, I will also include a DIY card and a balloon sculpture (maybe) but they are not ready yet/ I have not even start on it.

These are the items I bought at The Paper Stone...
" Today I am thankful " and "When you love what you Have 
you have everything you need " notebooks, 3 greeting cards, and a bracelet.

At H&M, I bought a cream coloured short dungaree and a few accessories.
-The struggle was REAL.-

I got 3 accessories, specifically necklaces, but the picture showed 2 because I had to remove the tag and unclasp one to untangle the knot. To be honest, I am currently wearing the necklace on the right, but in gold colour because I am going to give the silver one as a birthday present to another friend whose birthday falls on February. I know it's probably too early to buy present for her, but times fly and before I know it, it would soon be her birthday. So it's better to be prepared.

So that is basically it and I like all the items I bought...

See you tomorrow~

-    W

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