10 December 2016

Blogmas Day 10: Unisex Gift Ideas

There might still be some of you deciding what presents should you give for your loved ones. But fret not, because I came up with a lists of presents that could help spark some gift ideas. I feel that the items in the list are very practical and most people would use them on a daily basis, if not, many times.

So here it is:
#1: A Set of Pajamas
#2: Portable Charger aka Power Bank
#3: Scented Candle
#4: Perfume
#5: Swimsuit
#6: Chocolate/ Food
#7: Album of Their Favourite Band
#8: A Set of Headphones
#9: A Book
#10: Phone Cover
#11: Bed Sheets

Hopefully that this is somewhat helpful to some of you...

-     W

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