11 December 2016

Blogmas Day 11: Top 7 Christmas Youtube Videos

" If you are still not in the Christmas mood yet, let me help you. 🙋"


These are some of the Youtube videos that always get me into the Christmas mood even though I watched them during May. It felt like a roller coaster ride becasue I get very excited for Christmas, but then I then realised that I still have to wait for more than half a year. 🎢

Here are some of the videos that you might be interested to watch, to get yourself prepped for Christmas.🎄

#1: Zoella's Christmas Videos/ Vlogs
Especially her videos on gift exchanging with her best friend, Louise.

#2: Christmas Room Decoration

#3: Christmas Shopping Vlogs

#4: DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

#5: Vlogmas ( ha. )

#6: Christmas Make Up Look

#7: Winter Routine

I feet like I did something similar last year or a few years back... Do you know which posts was it? I think it was a blog post on my favourite Youtubers. I think... Wow. That brings back a lot of memories.

-    W

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