12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12: Things I Am Looking Forward To In 2017


#1: More Sleep 🛌
Yes, I really need it in 2017 because I am probably the only human with the least amount of sleep this year. I know it is bad but I cannot seem to kick this bad habit of mine and my sleeping habits can be really bad, like really really bad.

#2: Despicable Me 3
I KNOW RIGHT?! ba ba ba ba banana 🎶

#3: Pitch Perfect 3

#4: Annabelle 2 👻
Not gonna lie, I'm kind of scared about it, but I still want to watch. You know? Can anyone please tell me that I am not the only one who is super scared of horror movies but like it at the same time?

#8: Getting Legal
It's going to be my 18th birthday next year and I cannot wait to be of legal age so that I could maybe visit a few * ahem * clubs * ahem *. I have always been curious about that place but I only could get a sneakpeek in movies/television shows. Also, the other reason why I wanted to visit that kind of place is to witness people getting drunk. I've seen my sister drunk before and to me, it was very amusing. So... You know the rest of the story. 🥂

#9: Changing A New Phone
Every 2 years, the contract with our phone carrier ends and we could choose to renew the contract and get a new phone too. My phone is starting to deteriorate, like being unresponsive at times, and I think the main reason was because I kept dropping it. So replacing a new phone could be handy. Though, can any one tell me if it is possible not to drop mobile phones for 2 years. If yes, how do you do that? That would be awesome! No dropping of phone = no breakage = do not have to spend extra money to get a new one.

Looks like I will be spending quite an amount next year💸💸💸. 
I guess I should be emotionally prepared for that. 

-     W

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