14 December 2016

Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Make Up Ideas

Not sure what make up look to go for this Christmas? 


Tis the season to show 'em some glitters ✨ and bold statement lip.

1. Plum
Since it's still fall, ( definitely not here, but other places in the world ), it is only right to flaunt your dark coloured lipsticks. Also, I am really into plum lipsticks because the colour is so pretty!

2. Classic Red
The fastest way to get into the Christmas mood is by wearing a classic red lipstick. I mean that is the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of ' Christmas Make Up Look '. Plus you will never go wrong with a red lip.

3. Glitter
2016 is the year whereby glitter lips are everywhere on Instragram and Youtube etc etc... Plus, adding some glitters makes it extra festive doesn't it?

4. Candy Cane
If you love candy canes and is daring enough to wear this, go ahead, why not?

Or a very festive eye make up look

1. Candy Can Eyeliner 
If it is wearable on the lips, why not on the eyes too? 
Image result for christmas eye makeup

2. Green Eye Shadow
Red and green are the colours that basically screams Christmas. So why not grab any green eye shadows you have and slab it on your eyelids and slay it. If not sure how, here's a link that might be useful to some of you out there.
Google Images

3. Red Eye Shadow 
As I said earlier, red is also another festive colour. So by using red eye shadow, it creates a bright, daring and fun look.

4. Winged Eyeliner
A winged-liner is timeless and classic, however you could step up your liner game by using other colours like green, rather than black. It is also an easy way to create a statement eye look without spending any time on blending the shadows.

You feeling inspired yet? I sure do 😉. Let me know which of the above looks do you prefer the most.

-      W

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