21 December 2016

Blogmas Day 21: Christmas Shopping

Hit the mall and did some Christmas gift shopping for my family, and these are the things I got for them.


• Portable Charger/Power Bank
• USB Cable 
• Thumbdrive/ USB Flash Drive 
• Tapes ( you will find out why I needed so much tape on my next update )
• Wrapping Paper
• Dark Chocolate
• Pepero
• Mini Water Bottle
• Peach and Passionfruit Tea
• Milo Nuggets


I wrapped the gifts immediately after reaching home because I wanted to keep it as secretive as possible. The most difficult one to wrap was the water bottle because I was not used to wrapping rounded items, so it was a little tricky for me but I managed. 
And these are the final results🎉🎁
I got the red Santa Claus bag from online ( Ezbuy ) if you are wondering. 

Let me know when do you usually wrap your gifts.🙂

-     W

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