23 December 2016

Blogmas Day 23: Christmas Potluck


My friends and I decided to celebrate early Christmas at my friends' house and we agreed on having potluck for lunch.

Initially I wanted to bake mushroom chicken pie, but I realised that I missed out 2 ingredients. Hence I used my back up plan: marinate the chicken and pan fry it. This is my go to marinate chicken recipe and I used it many times, so the chances of me failing is much lower than me attempting to make pie for the first time.

Once everyone reached, we waste no time to dig into our meal. About 30 minutes later, everyone was stuffed and we took a break from the feast. ' Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo ' was showing on TV so everyone watched one episode before going for round 2.

What's a celebration without taking pictures? Using the Christmas decorations bought at Daiso, we used it as props.

We also exchanged presents for Secret Santa and I received a set of shower gel. I really like my gift because it has glitter in them! Like 😍... I will be shimmering after my shower✨! bling bling bling bling.

Christmas is officially in 2 days! What are your plans for Christmas?

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