3 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3: Staycation at Novotel

" Hey hey heyyyy!! "

You know what? I almost forgot to post Blogmas Day 3... I mean I did take pictures, but it somehow slipped my mind. Anyway, today was one helluva day; somewhat busy but not.

I cannot think properly or form sentences right now, got to apologise for that. Time check: 2:57am, and I am currently working on a report. Next week will be a VERY VERY VERY BUSY week because I have presentation on Tuesday, 2 tests on Wednesday, and my friend's birthday coincidentally falls on the same Wednesday too. I also have tests on the following Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 😭. So in any circumstances whereby I missed a day of Blogmas, or I am late to upload, I apologise in advance because schedule is very packed with all the school work and tests.

This is where my ranting starts:
I mean like, whose idea was it to have 2 tests on the same day, and also during December? December is the month of Christmas and everyone ( at least for me ), wants to enjoy the Christmas spirit while it is still there. Hello?... 

Okay okay... I should quickly finish my report and quickly go to bed because I have to wake up a little earlier than my usual wake up time ( aka. afternoon ). See you later... 👋


I finally found the time to continue blogging... Okay continue continue.

I spotted some mirrors along the hallways so a quick snapshot to show my outfit 📸 #ootd.

The first thing right after I put down my bags was to look at the bathroom. I really like it when my hotel room has a bathtub👍🏻

Once I came out of the bathroom, the mini bar was just right in front. And next to the mini bar, there was a normal, standard closet that all hotel rooms has.

There was a balcony attached and the view was splendid! 

One photo to summarise my 2 Days and 1 Night staycation.

We went to the mall below- because level 1 to level 6 is the mall and level 7 onwards is the hotel. We had our dinner at the food court called " Let's Eat ". I ordered a bowl of chicken salad and a plate of curry with chicken drumstick, and I shared these with my cousin. Honestly, these tastes SOOO GOOD! I'm in love.

After dinner, we went to shop around the mall, there wasn;t much to see tbh. But we spotted Uniqlo and we went inside. This winter coat was so comfortable and soft! I could wear this all day if I could, but Singapore's weather is always hot and humid.

Ice-cream for dessert 

Basically, after we went back to the hotel room, I spent most of the night working on my report. Then I took a quick shower before I hopped into the bathtub for awhile, and finally wore the Christmas pug shirt for the first time. 

I went to bed at 4:30 am and that was how I spent my weekends... Nothing interesting to see. but yeahh...

OMG! I accidentally deleted this post right after I publish it. Luckily I managed to retrieve most of the blog post, or else I think I am going to break down. Phewww...

-     W

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