4 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4: Writing to Friends

" Hello its me again👋🏻 and welcome to Blogmas Day 4. "

When is the perfect time to express your gratitude, to your family and friends, other than the month of December? December is the month of giving and kindness hence I decided to I wrote a bunch of letters to my friends. I pretty much did the same thing last year too, and I am currently deciding if I should make writing Christmas letters a tradition or not. 

I prefer to write letters/cards to my friends and family during December because I feel like this is my last chance to thank the people around me. You know? I am the kind of person that doesn't show my appreciation to anybody, but is too timid to say it out loud, and writing is the best solution man!

I used different cards this year and some of them were bought from Ezbuy ( yet again ). When I saw this online I was like ' YES I AM GOING TO GET IT '. Everything about it is SOOO FREAKING CUTE! But the only downside to this is: it's small. But I decided to use these cards to write for my family.

Just like the previous ones, these were bought from Ezbuy too😅. The reason was because it was so special like, have you ever seen a scratch-able postcard? Probably no right?! So I just had to get it. 

I ran out of cards so I had to do it the traditional way - taking out a plain ol' piece of paper and wrote down my messages then seal it up with an envelope. I like to call it the traditional way of mailing because that was how I mailed to my friend when I was probably about 9 years old.

I highly urge all of you to write to your loved ones! Be it text messages or the old fashion way of conveying messages. I mean when is the another perfect chance to pen down your thoughts and appreciation other than December?! Does it require a lot of effort? Yes. But do I regret it? Definitely no! 

' what are you waiting for? 🎶 '

-     W

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