5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5: Baking Fail

" Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 5 "

*if I could insert an intro song here, it would be fantastic*


I have a question. Has anyone been in the same situation as me, whereby every time you bake a cake, it is ALWAYS uncooked in the middle? I faced this problem every single time! And to be completely honest, it's super annoying😡.

I was so confident before I started baking, and was like ' it's Betty Crocker's premixed brownie, I surely won't fail this time '. But then the reality did not telly with my expectations so I was greatly devastated, to the extent that I didn't want to bake ever again.



Check out my apron though, bought it from Ezbuy. ( hahahha ).

The brownie was horrible because the center was uncooked but the sides are ready. No matter how long I cooked, it's still gooey! I finally gave up and cut out the sides and threw away the center ( I know I am wasting food 🙁 ). When I tasted it, I felt like I am eating mooncake instead of a brownie. And the brownie was so sweet that I could get diabetes from one slice.
blogmas day 5: baking fail
( mooncake )
Credit: Google Image

I Googled the possible reasons why this kept happening to me, I mean like out of the 4 times I tried to bake a cake, none of them were successful. Some said to cook longer at a lower temperature and one said to use aluminium foil to cover the mixture whilst baking. With the new information obtained, I wanted to try again because I have proactive personality ( joking... ). But my mother forbid me from using the oven again - because I keep failing! So I have to borrow oven from my friends'😅. 

Wait for my good news guys. One day I will bake a legit cake 🍰, and show to everyone ( especially my mother ).

-    W

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