6 December 2016

Blogmas Day 6: Favourite Christmas Memory

Since Christmas is coming, I thought why not share about my favourite Christmas memory. "


My favourite Christmas memory would be during 2014 ( I believe ). The younger generations aka me, my sister, my cousins get to prepare a dish each on Christmas day. It was really memorable because the adults took a break from the kitchen for that day, so we had to cook dinner for everyone. And by everyone, I mean 19 people.

There were homemade mushroom soup ( LOVE IT! ), roasted chickens, friend chicken, pasta, desert, * went on Facebook to find some pictures, but got distracted and watched a high school musical music video *, fruits, fried finger food, chips, and a lot more. I could still remember very clearly that we had a table full of food and we couldn't finish it. So we had to play a game to minimise wastage.


The game goes like this, you have a range of numbers, 1-99. To start the game one person ( who is not playing ) has to set a number. The player who guessed the number loses and has to eat a the food that a cup can fit. Then from then on wards, the loser can pick and choose what food to put into the cup and set ' The Number '. For example, ' The Number ' is 56. If a player guessed 4, then the person who set the number has to say ' 4 to 99 '. And if another player guessed 60 then the range would be ' 4 to 60 '. Easy right? Or maybe not? But you will learn as the game progresses.

Anyways, I lost a few times and had to finish the food in the cups. I was so freaking full to the point that I could feel my stomach exploding soon 😰. 

I guess it was my favorite Christmas memory because everyone was present and enjoying each other's company. If I could go back in time I would choose to stay at that moment, where everyone is happy💕.

Now that you have read about my favorite Christmas memory, what about yours? What's your favourite memory of Christmas?

-    W

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