7 December 2016

Blogmas Day 7: 2016 Favourites

" Shall we bring back the favourites? "


It has been so freaking long since I last talked about my favourite things. Why not bring back the favourites as a way to say goodbye to 2016.

So this would be the last favourites blog post for the year 2016.

I have watched quite a number of Korean Dramas this year. W-two worlds, Shopping King Louis, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Love in the Moonlight etc. I am currently watching The Legends of the Blue Sea but I shall not include this in the list because the drama is not completed yet, so technically it is not counted right? Out of all the dramas I watched, only a few stood out to me and they are:

Shopping King Louis ( starring Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun ).
I liked it because it was very lighthearted. If I were to compare this drama to W-two worlds, they are positioned at two different ends of the spectrum. One was super intense while the other was chill and calm. I guessed I liked the drama because 1. One of my favourite actors, Seo In Guk, was in the drama. 2. It was romantic and cute and funny and bubbly and sweet. 3. The drama made me go ' awwwww '. ( you know you like it when you started hitting yourself hard whilst watching the drama ).  I mean like how can they still be so happy even when they are broke aye-eff? To everyone who is reading this, and love the genre romance, you should give this a shot. 👍

Playful Kiss ( starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min )
This is a classic favourite of mine. I watched this 3 times already, not gonna lie. It seems like the more times I watched it the more cringe-worthy this drama is🤔. But it's okay, because I still like this drama a lot. And also, I found out that I am surrounded by friends who happened to watch this drama and liked it as much as I do too. Weeeee~ I probably gonna watch it again, not so soon though, maybe around a year later or so?

Full House Thai Version ( starring Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul and Aom Sucharat Manaying )
This drama has my most favourite couple ever and I love it when they collaborate in a drama. However, Mike is already married in real life 😭, so my hopes of them getting together is crushed. They also did another drama called ' Kiss Me ',  which is basically the Thai version of ' Playful Kiss '. Despite the fact that they remade both dramas, the story lines are actually quite different from the original one. *Up till this point, I am probably sprouting nonsense because I am actually typing this at 1:38am and I am so SO tired! Hi guys I'm back, it's currently 10:14am the next day...* At first I was not really impressed with the first few episodes because I find it a little boring for me, but I forced myself to continue watching and it became better to the point that this is one of my favourite dramas this year.

Music wise, I found out that I liked to listen to songs from 2005 onwards, reminiscing my childhood songs you know? But if I were to list out a few ' up-to-date ' song these are the following.

Shout Out to My Ex - Little Mix
Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello
Fire - BTS
I Need You - BTS


Foot Peeling Mask by THEFACESHOP
This is basically a foot mask, but it causes your feet to shed dead skin and I really enjoyed it because it claims what it was supposed to do. 

My feet was warm and burning a a little bit when I was soaking my feet into the solution they provided. I told that to my aunt, who also uses this product, about it and she said that she did not experience the same thing as I did. So I assume this product was not very suitable for my feet. However, the burning sensation was not uncomfortable at all, it was more like ' the product is doing it's job ' kind of feeling instead.

The ' shedding ' period lasts about 3 weeks for me. It was disgusting and satisfying at the same time because I got to peel off my dead skins on my feet that I have been longing to remove. I enjoyed it a lot and I would definitely use this again. Though I also want to try other methods to remove the dead skins on my feet like the fish spa.

Sleek Contour Kit
I have featured this product many times in my previous blog posts and I want to mention this again. The reason why I liked this beauty product a lot is because, 1. This is my first ever contour kit that I possessed. 2. I love to highlight my face recently, and I would use the highlighter more than I used the contour powder. 3. The highlighter makes my cheek bones low-key pop and I like it. These should be enough to persuade everyone who is reading this, that I like it a lot a lot! 

Eye Drops for Contact Lens
This thing is a life saver because EVERY TIME I wear contact lenses, my eyes will 100% feel dry throughout the day and eye drops comes in very handy to moisten the contact lens. I have been using this pretty much all the time I wear contact lenses and my eyes are very grateful for that. People say that taking off make up is the best feeling ever, however for me, taking off contact lenses is the BEST thing ever, period.

Nivea's Micellar Cleansing Water
I use this cleansing water every time I have make up on, regardless if it was full faced make up or just simply filling in my brows. I liked it because this product is not oily and I feel very ' clean ' every time I removed my make up with it. If I were to put on a light make up : concealer, some powder, ( not to forget ) highlighter, fill in my brows and put on a lip colour, I would probably need 2-3 cotton rounds ( using both sides ). If I were to fill in my brow only, I would only need half of a cotton round. However, if I were to use waterproof products like eyeliners, they can be very difficult to remove, so I would use another oil-based remove instead. Other than that, I used this to pretty much remove all my make up, if I have any on that day.

I think that is pretty much it, thank you for reading and have a nice day!

-     W

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