1 January 2017

Happy 2017

" Hello everyone and Happy 2017! "


It's a new year and  " a start of something new 🎵 " ( hah. you see what I did there? )

monentree monentree
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I have WAY TOO MANY embarrassing moments in 2016, and I don't even want to start discussing about it. So everybody, it's time to leave all those embarrassing/unhappy moments behind and embrace the new year together 👍.

To welcome the new year, I thought that I could share some goals that I want to achievement from this blog.

#1: Publish my 200th blog post
#2: Have 5 followers 
#3: Reach 7,000 pageviews 
#4: Get a blogging buddy/friend
#5: Step up my photography game
#6: Develop a new blogging style

Do comment on your goals for 2017, and I just added a '  ' button at the bottom. So don't forget to click that like button you if like this blog post.

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  1. Hey!

    You've set yourself some lovely goals! I think finding your 'blogging style' will be an exciting yet challenging one. Good luck with them!

    Also, congratulations on getting to all 24 days of blogmas. I could only manage up until day 16 or so before I surrendered.

    All the best


    1. Hello Steph.

      Thank you very much! You are such a lovely person.

      To be completely honest, I regretted making that decision after Blogmas Day 2. HAHAHAH! But I might consider doing it again this year though, but not 24 days obviously. Maybe you could try 12 days of blogmas instead?

      Thank you for taking your time to read this post.
      All the best to you too, and happy (belated) new year!!

      - W

    2. P.S. : sorry it took me quite a while to reply to your comment :/

  2. I also wanna step up my photography game just like you because i dont want to take shaky pictures for my friends :)


    1. Hello Rizza,

      Awww what a great friend you are. I secretly hoped that some of my friends have the desire to step up their photography skills too ( shhhh. don't tell them. ) HAHAHAHA!

      All the best with that, and I will be silently cheering for you! :))

      Thank you for taking your time to stop by and happy (belated) new year!!

      - W

  3. I really want to gain more followers too! Hope you achieve your goals.